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NECA Hellraiser Wire Twins Exclusive 3 pack


Damaged blister cards ( Still sealed but the case got damp so I can no longer sell as new.)



Set limited to 10,000 pieces.

Originally available through comic shops and specialty retailers who use Marz Distribution as their distributor.

The Twins in this set have different head sculpts and unique body details.Also included in the set is Torso from Inferno.

Availability: 3 in stock


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NECA Reel Toys Marz Distribution Exclusive Wire Twins Set

Leviathan’s Sisters of Tormented pleasures and the twisted creation of Chatterer come to life. This set includes the horrific twins, Torso, weapons, and more! Leviathan’s Sisters of Tormented pleasures. Two Perfect Twins in their human form who stumbled intot he dark world of the labyrinth. Now their eternity is spent in the sisterly sharing of the torments of the Flash of their victims.


Possibly the most brutally altered human form in all of the history of the CENOBITES – THE CHATTERING TORSO – surgical practices in the of perpetual pain and suffering. Conformed to mirror the image of his sadistic creator, TORSO walks the corridors of hell’s darkest labyrinth in search of his master – Chatterer

From the dark mind of horror and fantasy writer Clive Barker comes Hellraiser, the creepiest (if not goriest) film series ever. Meet Pinhead and his brigade of Cenobites, demons who blur the lines of pleasure and pain, and are always looking for fresh souls to join their ranks. For those foolish enough to unlock the mysterious puzzle box, the Lament Configuration, the Prince of Pain offers a world of torture and unique body modifications.


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